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The purpose of this blog is to enlighten people about general fitness, health tips, mental wellness and exciting food recipes to uplift your healthy lifestyle.

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We cover a wide range of topics to enhance overall health of mind and body.

Health and Fitness

Articles related  to your general health and fitness.

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Healthy Mind

Articles meant for your mental health, dealing with everyday life such as motivation, depression, relationships, self-esteem and so on

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Food and Recipe

Healthy food, their ingredients to satisfy your soul along with your tongue !

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Latest Blogs

Chicken salad for weight loss

Chicken Salad For Weight Loss: Super Low Carb Recipe

When trying to lose weight, people often focus on consuming low carbohydrate diets. Chicken salad for weight loss has been one of the most interesting recipes that can fit in[…]

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You Lose Fat When You Sleep

You Lose Fat When You Sleep: Learn How To Boost It

Would you be surprised if you were told that you lose fat when you sleep? We all know that eating fewer calories and exercising are the main habits of losing[…]

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paneer tikka masala recipe

Super Tasty Paneer Tikka Masala Recipe

Here we bring a quick Paneer Tikka Masala Recipe today Who doesn’t love the traditional Indian dishes to be a part of their healthy lifestyle. No matter what your goal[…]

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