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Different people face different problems when trying to improve their health. There is no One-Fit approach as every individual have their own demands.

This is how I analyze the problems, understand your goals and we work together to attain them! 

What I Offer For Good Health?

It's time to priotize yourself

Nutrition Coaching

Healthy and tasty diet for your fitness goals with daily tracking.

Lose Weight

Get rid of the excess fat without sacrificing food

Special Populations

Reverse diabetes and cure conditions like high BP, cholestrol with proper exercise and diet.

Body Assesment

Complete body assessment including posture, muscle imbalance.

Health Counselling

60 minutes of health counselling to solve your health problems.

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Testimonials from recent clients

"Adarsh has helped me lose around fat & transform myself by fixing my diet and exercise regime. "
Having a deep understanding of Human Physiology, Adarsh has helped me improve and optimize my performance.
Albert Roberts
I was struggling to gain weight but a customized diet given by Adarsh helped me a lot. He also cleared my myths related to health and fitness.
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New Book! Eat Yourself Healthy and Exercise

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