Month: December 2019

You Are Stronger Than Your Excuses

Lose belly fat

Lose Belly Fat : Why Is It So Stubborn?

Belly Fat,  even the name is so annoying,  basically refers to the fat in your abdominal region. It is characterized as, ” The place where fat accumulates first and leaves at last”. At the gym,  I see so many “Joe” kind of guys with big arms and doing bicep curls with a big belly below.…
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Banana protein

Banana Protein

Learn to make banana Protein to kick start your diet.Chocolate might give some unwanted calories, whereas protein is what we need to hit our goals. Who doesn’t love that dark choco-lava syrup dripping by the side of a cake or a pie? So, here,  I am going to present an all-time favorite recipe of mine.…
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Find your passion

Life Is Not Meaningless: Find Passion

Life Is not meaningless, find your passion. We often come across the word Passion. We know the meaning,  it’s about a great feeling to pursue a particular field or line. However,  how many of us have really felt the passion in real life?  Whenever I talk to students,  I ask them about their passion, of…
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Fitness and Study together?

Gym During Exams : Fitness and Study

Fitness and study together ? Lifting at the gym goes on forever but for students, academics are important as much as exercise is. Is it possible to take exams for a week or two and still lift and eat properly? Well, the answer depends on the individual. If you are one who prepares from before…
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