Month: January 2020

You Are Stronger Than Your Excuses

Body transformation

Body Transformation: How Long It Takes?

We want everything overnight, don’t we? When it comes to body transformation, we tend to give up so quickly because we don’t get results quickly. But well, you must have heard wise people say, “Good things take time” How far is that valid in fitness? Well, if you ask me, I would say, perhaps fitness…
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share your pain and problems

Should I Share My Problems and Pain: How To Deal With It?

Who doesn’t want someone to listen to them genuinely when they tell their problems. Even if they cannot solve it, just listening to us can make us feel so light. Maybe, that is the reason why we often contact the closest friends when we get sad or something terrible happens. Now, the question is, should…
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business mind

The Mentality Behind Ethical Business

In today’s world everyone, especially the youth wants more output of their effort in less time. They look out for shortcuts and easy ways to succeed everywhere, even in business. We forget the obvious fact that success neither comes easy nor quick. If we would get something in life easily without striving for it, we…
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before bed protein snack

Before Bed Protein Snack: Recovery Begins

Did you know, the body mainly recovers when you are asleep? Whether you are building muscles or trying to lose fat, if you are doing exercises, recovery and nutrition are the two factors you will need to take care of outside the gym. A good diet is usually split into 5-6 meals which ensures that…
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Abs: Why Not Showing Up Even After Working Them Ou

Abs: Why Not Appearing Even After Exercising Them

Abs refers to the muscles of the abdominal region which people strive for to show up but can only see a flat sheet in place of their abs muscles. Just to mention one fact if you didn’t know it before, “Fat first deposits in your abdominal region and leaves it at last” If you started…
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Medicines with unhealthy lifestyle

Medicine With Unhealthy Lifestyle: It Never Stops

You take medicines, or at least you must be knowing someone in your family with high blood pressure or Cholesterol problem who might be taking medicines for a while. Taking a pill and getting relieved sounds simple, isn’t? But, oh wait, did you track how long have they been taking these medicines? Medicines should be…
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People change

Why Do People Change: How To Accept It

People change, and we ask why they do. Being one of the most complicated creatures on the planet, it is not always easy to understand why they change. Well, we seek to know why they change from many perspectives. Some ask from the perspective of a relationship, some ask from the perspective of change with…
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Fat loss and sweat

Fat loss Is Not About Sweating More

No doubt, the sweat that drips from your body after a laborious workout gives us confidence. However, for the majority of people out there, trying to get rid of their belly fat and the overweight problem, often thinks that more sweat is equal to more fat loss. Is it really the truth? Killing the fat…
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