Month: March 2020

You Are Stronger Than Your Excuses

Fitness motivation

Fitness Motivation: How To Stay Motivated In Your Journey

Who doesn’t want a good physique, a healthy body, and a fresh mind? Before we go to fitness motivation, the first step is to decide to start a fit lifestyle. You joined a gym, made positive changes in your diet and yet the results aren’t favoring you or catching up to your expectations. It’s very…
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Medical devices

6 Must-Have Easy-To-Use Health Devices At Home For Fitness Journey

Nowadays, life has become stressful and the threats to the lives of people have also increased. Besides eating a healthy diet and exercising on most days of the week it has become extremely important for us to monitor our health and fitness through medical devices. When was the last time you went to a hospital…
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Warm-Up Before Exercise: Importance, Scientific Reason, Duration And All You Need To Know

In the rush of hitting the gym and picking up the weights to start the exercises, we often forget about warm-ups in general life. Warm-up is the phase of preparing your body for your regular exercise session which is done by doing low-intensity exercises or training the muscles with very light weights. Even those who…
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Muscle Gain Meal For Dinner

When it comes to muscle gain and fat loss we often get stuck thinking about what to eat as a muscle gain meal in dinner. Some say that dinner should be light or it will get converted into fat and others say dinner should be rich in nutrition to aid in recovery. Today, I am…
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