Month: May 2020

You Are Stronger Than Your Excuses

Take revenge

Take Revenge: A Dog Bites you, Would You Bite The Dog?

One of the gifts of nature to the young people is the warm blood that we have within. The will to do anything and as soon as possible. Such an instinct when combined with negative feelings often inspires us to take revenge. Revenge can simply be described as a feeling of giving someone the same…
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how to lose fat

How To Lose Fat? The Real Concept

“How to lose fat” is the most common question that is being asked in the health and fitness industry. There are a lot of articles, videos, and information out there suggesting thousands of remedies and habits that we can incorporate in our lives. However, I am going to discuss the basic principle about how to…
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Breakfast For Muscle Gain

Breakfast For Muscle Gain: Tasty Cornflakes Recipe

Morning is the time to jump-start your metabolism. If you want to gain strength and muscle mass, you need a breakfast for muscle gain. If you don’t know the right recipe, your breakfast can turn into a nightmare. We will aim for a high protein breakfast that will not only boost your metabolism but also…
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