Nowadays, life has become stressful and the threats to the lives of people have also increased. Besides eating a healthy diet and exercising on most days of the week it has become extremely important for us to monitor our health and fitness through medical devices. When was the last time you went to a hospital to do some tests such as the cholesterol serum test?

It is a fact, that we always prefer convenient methods to track our health at home at times preferable time. We might not be able to do a full-body scan at home but by using some cheap and common devices we have measure some of the important parameters of our body such as weight, body composition, blood pressure, and sugar levels. Any abnormalities in those tests will help us be aware of anything we are doing wrong and will allow us to correct it before it leads to a dangerous disease.

It also motivates us to chase our fitness goals. After all, when you put so much effort into your workouts and follow your diet diligently, you want to see results. A change in the overall appearance might take some time but the change in your body fat percentage or B.P. levels can be seen which reflects the progress you made. Below given are a few health and anthropometric devices that are super easy to use and before you spend your money on anything else, you must buy them and use them at home.

weighing machine
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Weighing Matching

A weighting machine is probably the most convenient health device when it comes to usage. Knowing your exact weight gives you an idea about how well you are doing regarding your fitness goals. If you have been sedentary and you notice a gain in weight, you can easily understand that you might have gained some unwanted fat and might resume working out.

On the other hand, if you are trying to bulk up and eat clean sources of food, you can easily track your weight gain which will be probably the weight of muscle mass provided you did clean bulking. The only disadvantage with weighing machines is that, it won’t tell us about our body composition and hence a muscular man with 12% body fat can weigh 75kg and an unhealthy man with 35% body fat can also weigh 75kg and the weighing machine won’t help us differentiate them. For this, we have got our next device.

skinfold calliper
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Skinfold Callipers

Skinfold caliper is probably the cheapest device out there which is so beneficial in tracking your health. When I came to know about it for the first time, I was surprised how I didn’t have it and ordered it right away.
Skinfold calipers work on the principle of measuring the thickness of your skin assuming that 50% of body fat lies under the skin. The thickness of the skin (the fat layer) is taken measured from three to four different sites of the body and then the values are finally put into a formula to calculate your body fat percentage.

This device is very easy to use and cheap. In terms of accuracy, it can have a ±3.5% error but it has proved to be very accurate, even to the extent of electronic body composition analyzers.

blood pressure monitor
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Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure is like that one key element that reflects your overall health of the cardiovascular system. High blood pressure can be the outcome of many prolonged problems such as high cholesterol, coronary artery diseases, atherosclerosis, obesity, hypertension and so on.

Thanks to the digital blood pressure monitor out there, which makes it super easy to use compared to the mercury sphygmomanometer. A B.P machine is a must-have if you have elderly people in your family and want to ensure their safety in terms of health. Knowing the right blood pressure, we can take many steps to avoid any bad situation in the future. To learn about how high blood pressure causes elders to take medicines regluarly when detected at a late stage click here.

glucometer blood sugar
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Problems of high sugar have become so common nowadays that every second elderly person is suffering from it. The reasons are simply taking more sugar or carbs or less insulin being secreted which in turn raises the blood sugar levels. This condition leads to the disease we know as Type-2- diabetes which can be very deadly leading to a point where our body is no longer able to process sugar.

This is a very common hypokinetic disease and needs to be tracked down in the early stages. Measuring blood sugar levels at the right time will let us take those precautions which might lead to a fatal disease. This device uses a sample of our blood which is put into a monitor that analyses it and gives the result. It is very easy to use as well and might need us to learn the steps for the first time.

kitchen weighing scale
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Kitchen Weighing Scale

This is one of the finest investments that you can make to make your calorie intake precise. A kitchen weighing scale eliminates the guessing work in terms of nutrition. A proper diet is made by calculating the calories you need after the evaluation of your current body composition and fitness goals. A dietician will give you information on how much you should add each ingredient when making a meal. However, we often do the guesswork and sometimes end up being wrong. In food items, such as chicken or fish we might consume more than we are supposed to unless we measure it on a weighing scale.

The kitchen weighing scale also makes it very convenient to measure powdered food substances such as whey protein. Unless you know you are doing it 100% right without any guesswork, you can’t be sure about the results. It reminds me of a statement that how our body is just an equation and outcome is similar to the kind the input we put in.

body composition analysers
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Body Composition Analyzers

Body composition analyzers are the devices of today’s era. These devices work on the principle of sending a small electric impulse through our body and analyses the resistance of our body tissues to this electric impulse. Fat tissues provide more resistance than lean muscle tissues. This ultimately helps the machine to give out information on how much fat we have in our body and how much fat-free mass do we have.

Body composition analyzers might show inaccurate results if you have any metallic object on your body. These devices are comparatively expensive and are available in many varieties. The most advanced ones are found in laboratories and are meant to be the most expensive ones. However, BCA machines are also available for home usage, which might not be as good as the ones like in laboratories but still give decent insights about our body composition.

Protection mask

Protection Mask

Protection masks might be the most neglected things. We would not consider it exactly as a device but we can’t overlook the protection and safety it provides.

For those living in populated cities, protection mask might become a must need. It protects us from the air pollution that is going high nowadays. It further prevents harmful viruses and bacteria from entering in our body through the nasal passage. A breathable protection mask is what can protect us.

One might not wear it all day but can use it while walking down the road where the chances of inhaling pollutants can be high. A simple precaution can protect us from many diseases and will help our overall health and fitness.

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