Being grateful is a real quality. A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles but this statement is not often realized. Most people will claim to be grateful but only a few reflect it in their actions. This is not your fault particularly, maybe we do take things for granted so much that we don’t see that it is a blessing in disguise. A grateful person is loved and respected because he or she values the importance of others and their help.

How The Universe Restores Balance

Many people out there do not believe in this concept of the Universe restoring the balance. They don’t believe that their actions both positive and negative ones have consequences. Maybe, this is a comfortable illusion for them. When they finally don’t value people and simply take them for granted, a time comes when that person, object, or comfort is missing from their lives and it is then, that they realize the importance of that person or object.

It is almost unfortunate that even after understanding this people will tend to be ungrateful until they experience the harsh reality themselves. The only true way to peace is to be grateful for everything you have and appreciate it. Also, being grateful doesn’t mean that you just express it through words and not actions.

It is only when you give, that you get. This is how the universe restores a balance.

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Being Grateful

How Gratefulness Can Bring Blessings

As mentioned earlier, the quality of showing gratitude and appreciation is rare. When you genuinely appreciate someone’s efforts, it brings a magical positivity to that person’s life. The extent to which it can impact the other person’s life cannot be estimated.

Stop finding loopholes and start showing gratitude to people and you will feel the difference. By being grateful you will be letting them know that they are important. This will ultimately return to you in some way or another as we already know, the universe restores the balance.

Gratefulness Brings Satisfaction

Once you are grateful for life, you start realizing that, what you have is enough. It’s again a part of maturity and people who don’t mature will always be seen complaining about how life sucks and that they are not given enough.

Satisfaction is something that is hard to find and it doesn’t come by purchasing the favorite laptop or the latest gadget. It comes by understanding why you should stop asking for more and be grateful enough. This is among those few things that cannot be taught or explained.

I complained about having no shoes until I saw a man without legs.

William Shakespeare
Be happy with what you have

Complain: No Time To Be Grateful

While all the talks about being grateful seem to be so realistic, however, let’s recall what we see in the practical world. It is not very hard to find people complaining about their hardships and circumstances. They are so engrossed in focusing on the missing piece that they don’t appreciate the rest of what they have.

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Sometimes it is just the reality that we don’t want to accept.

The quality of appreciating others is a rare one.

Dale Carnegie

The only constant fact is that life is full of problems. However, you are made capable of dealing with them. Life is not a fantasy dream for anyone. Sometimes you might just look at other people and think, they are happy but you are never going to know about the inner struggles they might be facing. In reality, all that you have to realize is that You are not the only person with problems and there is no point complaining about it.

Happy and Unhappy

People Who Have Been Through Enough

You might have met people who have already been through lots of struggles and understand the value of everything they have. These people are wise and are more likely to be experienced, mature, and sometimes old. The ones who have the privilege of not having to carry their drop of water are the ones who can afford to take everything for granted.

Are Privileged Ones Always Ungrateful?

It would be very wrong to say that the privileged ones take everything for granted. It is something that’s based on a person’s upbringing and his or her’s perspective about life. I have not faced adverse situations in life and would call myself to be highly privileged. Does that mean, I am ungrateful? No, because I have been watching what my mom had to sacrifice and work so hard to bring that lavish lifestyle to reality. This leads me to always understand the value of everything I have.

On the other hand, you might not be privileged and still not be grateful for whatever little fortune you have. For instance, there was a maid who did chores in people’s houses for a living to support her sons. Her sons knew about her hardships, yet the elder son, who was about 18, was heard to have indulged in doing drugs and being arrested. Now, it’s difficult to demonstrate a cause and effect relationship as to what precisely contributes to being grateful.

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Bottom Line: A Grateful Heart Is A Magnet for Miracles

The least we can do is to try our best. Next time you lose your temper and argue with your parents, just pause and recall what they mean to you and what they have done for you. A simple gesture of gratefulness will free you from materialistic urges of wanting more.

You never know how important something is until you have almost lost it. So, let’s start being grateful for everything from this day, the food on your plate, the roof above your head, and the people to support you. Remember, there are people out there without any of these privileges.

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