A Wellbeing Guide You Gotta Nourish To Flourish

A Well-being Guide: You Gotta Nourish To Flourish

When it comes to the quality of life, you know that you gotta nourish to flourish. Health is not about only having good nutrition or some good habits. It’s beyond that and has various dimensions. The actual secret in our well-being isn’t that complex. However, there is a lot of mess that comes with life. Even if we don’t want them, they will find a way to disturb our peace and well-being. Some inputs come from our side too because we don’t know how to tackle every dimension and keep ourselves in a state where we keep flourishing.

This well-being guide will help you explore those dimensions in your life and allow you to improve certain aspects. One thing that is common in all of those dimensions is that: You Gotta Nourish To Flourish.

Your Body Reflects Your Soul

I don’t want to speak of the stats of how 60% of people are physically inactive or how people eat whatever suits their tongue and don’t give a damn about good nutrition. It does seem impossible for an unhealthy person to ever turn healthy and follow good food habits.

It is impossible until it isn’t.

However, it’s not rocket science and most of us can make small changes and move towards a healthier lifestyle. You don’t need strict diets and hours of exercise, you aren’t aiming to be Mr. Olympia or Miss World.
Taking care of your body is simpler than you think, how? Just follow some simple tips and incorporate them into your lives. I will list them as follows:

  1. Try to reduce junk. They are just damaging your body and you consume it for the taste. Once or twice a week isn’t bad but we know how most of us finish a packet of chips in one sitting.
  2. You don’t need a diet, you need healthy food habits. Start eating clean food. Eat food that is not filled with oil or fried. Do you think they aren’t tasty? I think you don’t know how to make them tasty. Few examples would include omelet, protein smoothies, grilled chicken, and anything clean.
  3. Start doing some physical activity. Play some outdoor games if you hate exercise. But being physically active, nothing is worse than sitting on that couch all day, browsing your social media.
  4. Take proper rest and make sure to sleep for 7-8 hours. If you’re sleep-deprived, nothing is going to be healthy for you.

Train Your Mind Or It Will get Dull

Even fewer people train their minds. What most do is, get involved in their job, studies, college. It exhausts them, that’s normal. What they don’t realize is, if they don’t train their mind, they don’t get a chance to see the world from different perspectives and improve their lives. Your study will give you better marks and maybe a better job but with that narrow and dull mind which lacks the capacity of thinking, you won’t be much more than a sheep in a herd.

Training your mind is all about improving your thinking capacity. How to do it? You got many resources. Read some good books, attend seminars, watch videos. This process is just like hitting the gym. You gotta nourish to flourish and this applies to your mind as well even if you do it a few minutes every day.

I see people, not training their minds ever and getting confused at every step in life. For them, life is complex and cannot be solved as they say. They don’t know how to figure out particular problems because they don’t have that perception. They are stuck in their narrow-minded view and keep getting frustrated. These people later, distract themselves because they can’t deal with reality.

You And The World

How your relationship is with other people around you forms a major part of your health. This can be termed as social health. This is something, that is very evident in our daily lives too. Suppose you start your day with a bad argument. Doesn’t that affect your entire day and take a toll on your mood as well?

The people you surround yourself with are going to form your social circle. If such people envy you, look for opportunities to make you feel down and your relationships with them aren’t healthy or genuine, then your social health won’t be fine at all. That’s why they say,

Surround yourself with friends who push you to do better in life.

You don’t have to try to please everyone but have a healthy relationship with everyone you meet throughout your day. In my school days, I was kind of a lone warrior who didn’t fit into groups but I made sure I didn’t make anyone my enemy by having a good relationship with others. Of course, that excludes the bullies who just look for a chance to harass you.

Your Attitude Is You

There are many kinds of people but two kinds are worth mentioning here. One who has a lot of attitude for no reason, fragile ego and hyper arrogant. These people will show themselves to be the most important and others don’t mean anything. Some of these people are mentally ill and might be suffering from Narcissist Personality Disorder (NPD).

I don’t have much to say about such people but the second kind is very rare to find. Why? Well, this kind includes people who have warmth. They believe that everyone in the room has some uniqueness in themselves. This kind of attitude will never disrupt their peace of mind and makes sense.

Your ego and rough attitude might satisfy you for the moment but a smart person will think about the long-term effects that your behavior has on other people. What’s the point of trying to be the smartest person in the room if you are only going to make enemies and get hated by others at the end of the day?

What’s Your Purpose?

Not sure if you have ever realized or not, life is all about having a purpose. Many people don’t have one and spend wasting their time in aimlessness. Maybe they have learned to live that way. However, I know a bunch of people who are living for a purpose. Take away that purpose from them, and they will say that their life is meaningless.

If you’re young, you might not have a purpose. You do you study, be the obedient kid and that’s more than your parents ask. As you grow up, you realize: Real satisfaction is not in going with the flow but in having a dream, a purpose, and chase it down. This very purpose helps you live every day and keeps you alive from within.

Ever heard people saying, “ Life’s so boring?
That usually happens in life without a purpose. It’s of course not easy to find that purpose as it sounds. It is a process, it takes time. But, don’t you think it’s worth thinking over and you might want to have a conversation with yourself? The only thing I am asking is, don’t be one of those people who live life trying to get attention in their social circle and look for compliments to make them feel important.

Be someone, who works and does their best in life, and derive that feeling of importance from that source instead of looking for other’s approvals. Only this will help you live happily in the long run and bring satisfaction.

Are You In Love With Yourself?

Never trust a naked person who offers you clothes

The first step that will nourish you is realizing that you must be your priority. This concept is not as easy as it sounds and most people realize this only after they are disappointed by someone whom they gave too much priority. Sadly, people realize it late that their own self is worthy of their time and energy before anyone else.

Beware of anyone who says that they can’t love themselves and are ready to love others. They are merely finding something to fill up the hollow space within themselves. When their needs are fulfilled, they won’t care about you. You may call them selfish and unfair but that’s human nature.

When I say, love yourself, I don’t mean that you should be selfish or self-centered. You still gotta love people around you and fulfill your responsibilities but never make someone your topmost priority and neglect yourself. There is nothing out there for which you should sacrifice your own importance.

Only after you love yourself, you can love anyone else. The sooner you discover this in your life, the better it is for your well-being.

Some Habits You Gotta Nourish To Flourish

Some Habits You Gotta Nourish To Flourish

  • Although these characteristics get developed automatically when your attitude, social health, intellectual health is good, it might be worth mentioning some of these.
  • Be grateful for everything you have and never take anything for granted.
  • Don’t regret what you did yesterday, such as procrastination or something worse, look at what you can do today.
  • Never argue with people if it isn’t worth it, you stoop to their level when you do so.
  • Mental peace isn’t found in knowing that you’re the best, it’s found in knowing that your existence makes someone a better version of themselves.

Don’t be perfect but give your best.

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