Abs: Why Not Showing Up Even After Working Them Ou

Abs: Why Not Appearing Even After Exercising Them

Abs refers to the muscles of the abdominal region which people strive for to show up but can only see a flat sheet in place of their abs muscles. Just to mention one fact if you didn’t know it before,

“Fat first deposits in your abdominal region and leaves it at last”

If you started hitting the gym, you might find some initial gains in your muscle mass but no mass in the abs? Or wait, maybe there is but you just can’t see it. The unfortunate truth is that a layer of fat stays over your abdominal muscles.

The muscles are present beneath it but you can’t feel it on the surface of your skin due to this very layer of fat. Some people complain that they are skinny and yet cannot see abs muscles. The majority of people have the “fat layer” problem but some have a problems with training their abs. Below given are few ways, scientific ways, that will point out what you might not be doing in your schedule for getting those abs.

Clean nutrition for abs

Too much fat

As mentioned earlier, the fat layer can keep you away from seeing your precious abs. You might see other muscle groups bulking up but not your abs. The simple way out of this trouble is to lower your fat percentage. The less fat you have in your body, more the chances to show up your abs. Refer to my article, How to Lose Belly Fat, for tackling that fat.

Now, this plan entirely gets executed in your kitchen because losing fat depends on what you eat. You have to go on a calorie deficit to lose fat, so that body uses the fat for energy production and when you have dropped enough fat, you can actually feel the difference.

This becomes very easy when you do it under the guidance of an expert because calculating your nutrition intake and going on a deficit to lose fat and still gain muscles involves some heavy exercise science knowledge.

Fault in your Abs workout routine

I really feel bad when I see people doing dozens of crunches in the hope to lose their belly fat or get those six-packs. I understand the desperation, I have been there too! But just make it clear, that your abs exercises are effective in growing abs muscles and not to reduce belly fat.

Considering, you are taking the diet properly, you gotta hit your abs with proper exercises and need to hit all four parts, that are, upper abs, lower abs, internal obliques, and external obliques. Unless your schedule features exercises for all four parts, you are missing out on the maximum potential of gaining your abs.

So, when you do bicep curls, you hope to grow your biceps, right? Similarly, some doing abs exercise focus on growing your abs rather than thinking that it will reduce the fat.

Time to train abs with weights

If you are intermediate and have achieved a level of fitness but suffering from the frustration of abs, its time to add some weights. No, you don’t have to keep dumbells on your stomach. Just add resistance against your abs exercises. Now, again you need a proper professional who gives a proper schedule. Some examples of abs resistance training are Rope Crunches on knees, crunches on lat machine, side bending and so on.

Having given tips on exercise, I want to specify that don’t overtrain your abs, overtraining is just as good as not training at all. Other exercises like squats and deadlifts affect your abs too so it doesn’t make sense to train your abs every day.

Some Additional Tips:

Below given are some points that will help you in your fitness journey ahead.

Don’t compare with Models

I often used to find myself looking at fitness models on Instagram and then look at my own abs and felt so disappointed. The fact is that they are training for years so they will have abs like that. They might also train them every day but we are not them.

If you have just started or it has been only a couple of years then realize that models are not comparable to you. So, stay away from getting demotivated by comparing with them and just grab some motivation and keep working on yourself. Stick to your own diet and exercise and stay consistent.

It takes so much time

Believe it or not, it takes months, not weeks to drop that fat and get those abs out. If you are a beginner, you will be3:59 PMneeding to devote a few years. We often lose motivation and give up. But, this is why it is so special! An everyday hustle and the results you get are simply priceless. Scientifically, you can lose around 2% of body fat in a month. That will be somewhere around 2-5 kg a month. So, you gotta commit and stay committed!

Stay away from concepts like Spot reduction

I did mention that you need to get rid of your fat in the abdominal region. But, I don’t want you to end up doing crunches in hundreds. Just remember, that you cannot target your abdominal region for reducing fat. You cannot target any part of your body to reduce fat. All you can do is, stick to the diet and exercise with a motivation to go on every day.

The fat will begin to fade away, from where? well, that depends on your body and you have no control over it. So now you know, what you have to do and if anyone says anything like do crunches to reduce belly fat, slap that person from left to right! Feel free to connect with me for any queries.

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