Are mass gainers bad

Are Mass Gainers Bad? Complete Guide

A lot of fitness enthusiasts out there are looking to gain weight. They often enquire or ask, “Are Mass Gainers Bad? “. Who doesn’t want a quick solution to their problems? Having a skinny physique can really suck. You may workout but if your nutrition is not on point, you won’t see much changes. That’s where frustration arrives and we run for some quick solution.

Not knowing how to gain weight and the science behind it might also make us fall prey to the tempting marketing tactics that can almost convince us to give up food entirely and buy their mass gainers. This article is going to provide complete information about what mass gainers really are and if you really need them to achieve your ideal physique.

are mass gainers bad Sugar contained jars
are mass gainers bad Sugar contained jars

Are Mass Gainers Bad: Sugar Contained Jars

If you are a student or youngster and looking forward to buying a cheap mass gainer that fits your budget, then there are high chances that your mass gainer contains mainly sugar. The quality and composition of different mass gainers vary but no one can deny that your mass gainer might be containing lots of sugars. Consuming so many unwanted calories will make you gain weight but it will be mainly fat.

If you are skinny and rush to buy such a product anyway, you might end up getting a big belly instead of a muscular body. This is what happens when you consume powder and not whole food. You won’t even be knowing what you are consuming until it’s too late. Surely, you can check the nutritional label but people are often too much driven by the marketing tactics and overlook the negatives.

Is it worth the money
Is it worth the money

Is It Worth The Money?

So if you are buying mass gainers, you will have to spend on it every month. The price of one month’s worth of powder can be anywhere between $10 to $100 and even more. You have to understand here what exactly are you paying for?

Do you really think, that jar of mass gainer can replace a balanced diet? Sometimes we consume meal replacement mass gainers and I don’t know how many nutrients we miss out when skipping actual whole food. Marketing tactics will claim and promise all the things you want to hear.

Nothing can be more effective than actual food. 19th-century bodybuilders like Eugene Sandow didn’t have mass gainers or other supplements and relied only on food. If leading an actual healthy lifestyle was so easy like consuming a scoop of powder then we wouldn’t need dieticians and nutritionists with new discoveries coming out every now and then.


Nutrients That You Will Skip Unknowingly

Whole foods such as brown rice, brown bread, fortified cereals, and so on, consist of more than just carbohydrates. Nutrient-dense food like beans and lentils can also be taken as examples. Such whole foods consist of antioxidants, phytonutrients, lots of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and so on.

All of them are required by our body and by skipping actual meals you might be depriving your body of the chemical substances it needs to function. Maybe, you won’t be replacing all your meals but even one major meal less can affect your body’s physiology severely.

count calories

Learn the Basics and Count Calories

If you are actually sincere about gaining weight or getting a good physique, then start learning the basics first. Learn to count and control the calories you consume. Being skinny can be demotivating, you might be eating a lot but will not gain weight. This is because your nutrition is not on point.

For example, your TDEE might be 2500 calories and you don’t count calories but claim to eat a lot. When the calorific value is found, suppose it is around 2500 (Because eating 2500C from healthy food is actually a big deal). Hence, you won’t gain weight because you are consuming maintenance calories. In order to bulk or gain weight, you will have to consume 2800-3000 C to see some difference in a month.

This is going to be a slow process but you won’t gain much fat. If you work out and eat clean, you will gain muscle weight and that’s what we need. So, the long and tiring process can actually take you to the desired results. On the contrary, mass gainers might be appealing at the start but might not take you anywhere and then you will have your question, “Are mass gainers bad?”, answered in an unpleasant way.

Muscle gain
Muscle gain

Muscle Gain: A Time-Consuming process

Let’s get back to the fundamental point of why did you want to try mass gainer in the first place? You want to gain weight, you want to change that skinny physique, I get it. However, understand that you actually want to gain muscles only and not unwanted fat. Not only will that make you look bad and unsymmetric but might increase body fat percent a lot resulting in the potential risk of chronic diseases.

Actual muscle gain takes time. It’s a process of training them with proper overload, feeding them enough nutrients, and finally giving them the time for recovery. A scoop of mass gainer is not going to play a very significant role in this process. The only way out of this maze is to accept that this is a slow and gradual process. It depends on your diet, sleep, and training, more than what mass gainer you are talking about.

If you are a beginner, I will highly recommend you to stick with whole food as mentioned in this article before.

Understand your body and then you can control the equation.

– AD FIt Life

Disappointment: No Shortcut Exists

There are people who have been training for months and are disappointed. They don’t get what they expected and later either look for shortcuts or give up. Look at this like a game and your best tools are going to be hard work, consistency, and patience. Sounds general? Well, let’s introduce my favorite tool: Smartness. Yes, you have to train smart, eat smart, and recovery smartly.

You got to understand that the best physique won’t come so easily. If you trained hard and yet got no results, you did something wrong with your nutrition. And trust me, it’s easier to learn the workout process and do the exercises with the proper form if you have been training for a few months but when it comes to your nutrition, it needs lots of calculations and accuracy. You literally have to study and count your energy intake and output.

Losing fat or gaining muscles, the equation is based largely on nutrition and that’s where people go wrong and think some big jar claiming to make them bulky will come to their rescue.

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