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You Are Stronger Than Your Excuses

Chicken salad for weight loss

Chicken Salad For Weight Loss: Super Low Carb Recipe

When trying to lose weight, people often focus on consuming low carbohydrate diets. Chicken salad for weight loss has been one of the most interesting recipes that can fit in a healthy lifestyle. We all know how a bowl salad can be super low in calories and provide the essential vitamins and minerals needed. Chicken…
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You Lose Fat When You Sleep

You Lose Fat When You Sleep: Learn How To Boost It

Would you be surprised if you were told that you lose fat when you sleep? We all know that eating fewer calories and exercising are the main habits of losing fat. However, sleeping is actually the third part that completes the cycle of your healthy lifestyle. As you read that heading, yes it is true…
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paneer tikka masala recipe

Super Tasty Paneer Tikka Masala Recipe

Here we bring a quick Paneer Tikka Masala Recipe today Who doesn’t love the traditional Indian dishes to be a part of their healthy lifestyle. No matter what your goal is, fat loss or muscle building, when you know how to cook the right way, any dish can be modified and turned in your favor…
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My story With Depression

Don’t Panic And Speak Up: My Story With Depression

Depression is probably the hardest word to describe. My story with depression would be different than someone else’s and the pain might differ as well. Hundreds of symptoms can be listed that can be seen in a person going through depression but what he or she might actually feel cannot be put into words. Throughout…
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Avoid Being Fat in Lockdown

Why This Lockdown Will Leave You Fat

It has been months in this lockdown and we can see how it pushed us towards a fat version of ourselves. Many of us are feeling so energy-less and quite a few of us have actually stepped out of the comfort zone to participate in exercise. Some of you must have been sticking to homemade…
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how to gain weight healthy

How To Gain Weight Healthy: Indian Meal

Most of us have some fancy ideas about healthy diet and lifestyle. We ask how to gain weight healthy and think it’s almost impossible to adapt to a healthy lifestyle because we don’t have the basic requirements. You may also assume you need some super ingredients to cook the healthiest recipes but no, the recipe…
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Take revenge

Take Revenge: A Dog Bites you, Would You Bite The Dog?

One of the gifts of nature to the young people is the warm blood that we have within. The will to do anything and as soon as possible. Such an instinct when combined with negative feelings often inspires us to take revenge. Revenge can simply be described as a feeling of giving someone the same…
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how to lose fat

How To Lose Fat? The Real Concept

“How to lose fat” is the most common question that is being asked in the health and fitness industry. There are a lot of articles, videos, and information out there suggesting thousands of remedies and habits that we can incorporate in our lives. However, I am going to discuss the basic principle about how to…
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Breakfast For Muscle Gain

Breakfast For Muscle Gain: Tasty Cornflakes Recipe

Morning is the time to jump-start your metabolism. If you want to gain strength and muscle mass, you need a breakfast for muscle gain. If you don’t know the right recipe, your breakfast can turn into a nightmare. We will aim for a high protein breakfast that will not only boost your metabolism but also…
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What To Do In Lockdown

What To Do In Lockdown: Don’t Do What 99% Are Doing

It has been some time since we went to our jobs, schools, colleges and offices. Now, everyone is asking, “What To Do In lockdown”. By being quarantined you are playing your role in this effort to defeat the COVID-19 spread. However, what are you doing to yourself? We sure have lots of time now and…
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