Best 5 Fitness Quotes: Motivation For Fitness

Here we have compiled a number of fitness quotes to fill you with motivation. These original quotes were created by me on my journey and hopefully, they will push you in yours. Let’s take a glance at them.

Growing With Weights

Fitness Quote
Growing with weights

This fitness quote is all about reflecting progress, growing and changing into a better version of yourself. You cannot look into the future to see what lies across that hard path but you can have faith in yourself and decide that you won’t stop until you get there. We all grow with age, we get old as we live every day but how many of us really use this time to build something of worth? Very few, and we as fitness enthusiasts, we are all into lifting heavier every day. We grow as our strength does and we keep on increasing the weight which ensures we are growing.

Vasu Mittal’s Words

Fitness quote
Vasu Mittal Fitness quote

This is one of the philosophical things said by the fitness model and entrepreneur, Vasu Mittal. His Instagram is full of wisdom and here is a piece of it. It clearly states that there are no shortcuts, nothing to skip. You cannot reach your goals overnight and what’s even the point. You gotta love the journey, the beginning and ends are just a single point, the fun lies in the path. If you are serious about your goals you got to give it all, day and night and then after years you are gonna be a whole different person. Sounds tough? Probably that’s why average people remain average. Now you can see it with clarity and can make a choice.

Stronger and Strongest

Fitness Quote
Stronger and Strongest

This fitness quote came to my mind as an inspiration after I saw a beginner progressing little by little. You are not gonna be a muscular hunk in a month or year. However, you are going to get stronger, stronger than you were yesterday. Isn’t that a good enough reason to keep on pushing harder? Patience is the key and people lose it all the time. They quit and return to their comfortable lives. Quitting won’t give you any consequences, striving will. Just keep in mind that you are only gonna progress a little bit at a time and that is what I want you to realize by this quote.

Making a Difference

Fitness Quote
Making a difference

Finally, comes a fitness quote where we are focusing on what is so special about that one person who wins and the rest who just remain average? It is the reason that moves you. It is your desire. Excuses never end, and in fact, life will give you thousands of them to cope with difficulties but it is your call that you wanna be after a few years. A loser who didn’t try because he didn’t have a reason or a real warrior who gave his or her best and won or maybe died but didn’t lose. Yes, they didn’t lose and hence got no regrets, that is what gives satisfaction.

More Than You Think

Fitness Quote
Much more than you think

People often ask me, how many girls I attracted by my physique and I want to tell them, fitness is nothing about my outer appearance and more of my inner peace, but, guess what, I stay quiet and let them go on.
Yes, I know many people join the gyms to buff up, look hot and when they don’t get results in a month, they quit. This game is not for kids, let’s be honest, hence you need a real motivation to go on. Women cannot be a motivation, trending stuff cannot be a motivation.

Moreover, when I talk about inner peace or heaven that can be felt inside, most people cannot relate. Why? Because they have not been there, they have not trained as if exercise was a therapy where you put your music on and hit the weights. They train as if it a great effort and hence many don’t enjoy it. For more motivation, health tips, recipes and mental wellness blog visit here,

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