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Body Transformation: How Long It Takes?

We want everything overnight, don’t we? When it comes to body transformation, we tend to give up so quickly because we don’t get results quickly. But well, you must have heard wise people say,

“Good things take time”

How far is that valid in fitness? Well, if you ask me, I would say, perhaps fitness is the greatest example of that statement. Transformation is not just about getting bigger or bulky. It takes years, yes, not months but years to reflect all that hard work in the mirror. It takes time, energy and money, all three of them in abundance. But, trust me 99 out of 100 people cannot stick to this, maybe they are capable, maybe not but not everyone can do this.

Don’t focus on the result, but the journey

It’s a normal habit, to look into the mirror and flex that arm and try to see how much muscles you have put on. This is a good thing actually, it shows that your hard work is paying off. However, will you really be motivated if you do that after a month of starting exercise? Well no, it takes time but it lasts long as well. However, for all those newbies out there who want overnight results, they only get disappointed when they see that they haven’t got ripped in a month.

In fact, even if you are training for years, you might not attain your desired physique in a year or two. The best thing to do here is to focus on your journey. You know you have improved in terms of looks, strength, and experience compared to your day one. So, appreciate it and tell yourself that the journey is long and you are capable of continuing for years, you are capable of doing it, day in and day out. Set small goals and live a healthy lifestyle instead of setting unrealistic goals and getting demotivated when you don’t achieve them in a short time.

Body transformation and fitness: It is a way of life

Some people join the gym with a motivation of becoming muscular so that they can stand out with that body of theirs. The truth is, such motivations can be short-lived. You might start to feel that you have to put so much effort into your fitness. However, in reality, fitness is supposed to be a way of life. A life where you have clean food and subject your body to proper exercise and rest. This process continues if you have really understood the essence of fitness.

Why is it a long way?

Body Transformation
Body Transformation: Its Slow But Lasts Long

When a beginner joins a gym or maybe wants to change himself. Suppose, he is a bit obese, so first the process will be to help him shred his fat. That can be done with an appropriate training program and diet. As the objective is achieved, the person moves towards the next objective which can be anything, depending on him, like, being more muscular or maybe maintain his current fitness levels. Hence, the goals change and we keep on chasing it.

The process makes us stronger than before and when it comes to appearance, it changes us in a good way. Now, if one wants to appear as the professional bodybuilders, then please let yourself know that they have been training for years. Not just two or three years but almost a decade. Comparing with them will be a stupidy. The only smart option here will be to set your own goals and chase them one by one and be ready for the grind.

Business tactics for body transformation

Every one of us has seen some fitness entrepreneur or bodybuilder, posting a great shirtless image of themselves and writing below that if you want to become like that, then join their coaching or training program. And, I know that image will naturally grab your attention, in fact, that is what they want!

Yes, it is a business tactic, but they are not luring you or cheating. They are saying, you can become like them, but just skipping the part that says, ” I have trained for 8-10 years to reach my current physique so you won’t be exactly like me unless you train for a decade”.

It is your smartness to understand that, that even those great fitness models have not achieved their bodies overnight. So, next time you see something like that, just remember the full story and not just what they are showing.

The only correct approach to body transformation

The only current approach to your body transformation is making a game plan for the long run. Eliminate any thoughts in your mind about shortcuts. Understand what it is, how it happens and why it takes time. Just prepare yourself to do this every day. It is hard? Well, buddy, nothing is easy and this is something that will make you feel you have done one worthy thing at least.

Fitness automatically increases your efficiency in other work. (Except, when you purposely want to procrastinate). After, taking so long, when you finally get the results, you know how much worth it is. It becomes a symbol of how you changed into a better version of yourself. If anything that fitness has taught me, it is about how to set goals and chase them down even when you want to give up the most. This is identical to every great thing you will ever want to achieve. As the popular quote says,

“Do not pray it to be easy,
Pray that you have the strength to overcome it.”

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