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You Are Stronger Than Your Excuses

You Lose Fat When You Sleep

You Lose Fat When You Sleep: Learn How To Boost It

Would you be surprised if you were told that you lose fat when you sleep? We all know that eating fewer calories and exercising are the main habits of losing fat. However, sleeping is actually the third part that completes the cycle of your healthy lifestyle. As you read that heading, yes it is true…
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gyms for new normal

Gyms for the New Normal: How the Californian Gym Owner shows the No.1 innovation for his members

We are stuck in our homes for a long time and all our work out regimes have been immensely affected due to the Corona Virus Lockdown. The World Health Organisation in it’s recent press release have said that the virus is here to stay But life must go on. We should never let the boredom…
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Avoid Being Fat in Lockdown

Why This Lockdown Will Leave You Fat

It has been months in this lockdown and we can see how it pushed us towards a fat version of ourselves. Many of us are feeling so energy-less and quite a few of us have actually stepped out of the comfort zone to participate in exercise. Some of you must have been sticking to homemade…
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how to lose fat

How To Lose Fat? The Real Concept

“How to lose fat” is the most common question that is being asked in the health and fitness industry. There are a lot of articles, videos, and information out there suggesting thousands of remedies and habits that we can incorporate in our lives. However, I am going to discuss the basic principle about how to…
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What To Do In Lockdown

What To Do In Lockdown: Don’t Do What 99% Are Doing

It has been some time since we went to our jobs, schools, colleges and offices. Now, everyone is asking, “What To Do In lockdown”. By being quarantined you are playing your role in this effort to defeat the COVID-19 spread. However, what are you doing to yourself? We sure have lots of time now and…
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Physical inactivity

Physical Inactivity Kills: Are You Ready To Pay The Price ?

If we go by the general scientific meaning, then physical inactivity means that you are not participating even in a 30 minutes workout session daily that may be as simple as walking. Maybe, we are busy, right?  Well, the huge cost that physical inactivity brings with itself will blow up your minds so keep reading…
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Fitness quotes

Best 5 Fitness Quotes: Motivation For Fitness

Here we have compiled a number of fitness quotes to fill you with motivation. These original quotes were created by me on my journey and hopefully, they will push you in yours. Let’s take a glance at them. Growing With Weights This fitness quote is all about reflecting progress, growing and changing into a better…
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Fitness and coronavirus

Health, Fitness And Coronavirus: When Fitness Meets Coronavirus

The world is currently healing itself from the attack of Coronavirus and it is now when fitness and Coronavirus has clashed in various forms. Be it from the perspective of general health or the economy of the fitness industry, gyms and health centres, Coronavirus has caused a major setback to everything. The virus has already…
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Fitness motivation

Fitness Motivation: How To Stay Motivated In Your Journey

Who doesn’t want a good physique, a healthy body, and a fresh mind? Before we go to fitness motivation, the first step is to decide to start a fit lifestyle. You joined a gym, made positive changes in your diet and yet the results aren’t favoring you or catching up to your expectations. It’s very…
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Medical devices

6 Must-Have Easy-To-Use Health Devices At Home For Fitness Journey

Nowadays, life has become stressful and the threats to the lives of people have also increased. Besides eating a healthy diet and exercising on most days of the week it has become extremely important for us to monitor our health and fitness through medical devices. When was the last time you went to a hospital…
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