Faster Way To Fat Loss Results_ In 1 Month_

Faster Way To Fat Loss Results: In 1 Month?

Are you looking for a faster way to fat loss results? Isn’t it obvious that all of us would want to get out of that bad shape and live life as the best version of ourselves that we deserve? After years of not taking care of their body, people realize that they are fat and most want a quick way to get out of this fat category.

Some people ask if they should exercise more to lose weight, while others ask about how to lose belly fat and if they can get the best fat-loss diet available. We will discuss all these aspects and make sure your doubts are clear related to these concepts. You will get a complete idea of how the dynamics of fat loss work.

Burn Fat Fast: In One Month

Before diving into the depths of what is the fastest way to lose fat, let’s deal with some questions that you might already have. Every day, people search about losing fat in a month as if they have a flight to catch. Clearly, one who is asking such questions doesn’t have an idea of what exactly fat loss is.

Fat loss occurs at its own pace. You can’t speed up the process. You can’t do it overnight. Your body has its way of functioning and people who don’t want to realize that resort to quick ways like intermittent fasting or the keto diet which I will cover too.

So, coming to your favorite one-month question, yes, you can lose fat in a month, but the question is how much fat. Do you really expect to drop 10 percent fat in a month? Then please educate yourself first!

You do burn fat, but the rate is pretty much fixed, and there is no way to force your fat loss speed. Let’s calculate how much fat you will lose in a month, considering you are exercising at an optimal rate and eating a nutritious, small-calorie deficit diet.

On average a person loses 0.5% per week fat if the above criteria are satisfied.

Therefore, in a month:

0.5 X 4= 2%

Suppose body weight= 70kg

Then fat loss= 2% of 70kg = 1.4 kg in a month.

You can expect a weight loss of more than 1.4 kg because it depends on your body, and 0.5% may increase up to 1% per week depending on your workout and current fitness levels. Plus, you do lose water, glycogen, and some muscles that have their own weight.

So yes, welcome to the real world. Now, if you want to lose, say, 10 kg, you will have to follow the same process and set in your mind that this speed is natural no matter what anyone preaches.

Faster Way To Fat Loss Results: The Keto Magic

A major segment of people is under the impression that cutting carbohydrates will result in some magical fat loss result. Hence, the term keto comes in when you lower the carbohydrates in your diet tremendously to cut down a good number of calories. You rely mainly on proteins and fat. The problem with this concept is that most people don’t care to understand the role of carbohydrates.

Once you realize this: Carbohydrates act as your primary fuel source, not your enemy, and upon cutting them down, the body will derive that energy by breaking down proteins if required. Maybe, now you won’t be so eager to go on a keto diet.

Basically, people ignore the first rule of fat loss and hope for fancy trends to do the trick. But wait, what’s the first rule?

Calorie Out must be greater than Calorie In

In fact, research has stated that once you consume below 130g of carbohydrates, your body will break down proteins, and hence your muscle mass will decrease. Also, your exercise performance will go down because of low glycogen levels.

Intermittent Fasting: The Last Hope?

Intermittent Fasting_ The Last Hope

Let’s come to another interesting concept, known as intermittent fasting. Many of us are fascinated by this idea, and some of us believe that this can lead to fat loss not only very quickly but efficiently. So, what exactly happens in intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is nothing but feeding yourself only in a particular time frame and spending the rest of the time without eating anything. This has lots of benefits such as:

  • Your hormone levels become normal because the body gets a leave from its job of food digestion.
  • Insulin levels drop in the body leading to better fat oxidation.
  • Insulin resistance decreases.
  • Heart health improves.

All of these are scientifically proven; however, the problem comes when people don’t study the method and begin to follow it. They end up doing self-imposed starvation. Most of them also end up feeling so hungry that they eat a lot.

This sabotages their effort and makes them fatter. If anyone is serious about fasting, they would first practice it by going on fast for shorter time periods and eventually increase it.

Burning Belly or Stomach Fat Fast

Burning Belly or Stomach Fat Fast

One of the biggest queries people have is how they can lose belly fat. I admit that belly fat has proven to be the most stubborn area for me as well and in general, it is believed that stomach fat accumulates first and leaves at last. Some people are also frustrated because of large amounts of back and face fat

The one truth that would relieve you from all such worries is that you can’t control the areas from where your body loses fat. For more in-depth understanding, do read my article on fat to know what fat really is.

Fat Loss Scams

Fat Loss Scams

This might sound like an outdated topic to some because people are now so much aware, then how can one possibly believe in fat loss scams like losing 10 kgs\ in 10 days.

Unfortunately, the scenario is not so simple. In countries like India, people still fall to fat loss scams like buying sweat slim belts, abs exercisers, and other products which has no link to fat loss. Theories are propagated that more sweat loss will result in fat loss, which is complete B.S.

Apart from such open scams, we also see supplement companies selling products like L-Carnitine and fat burners, even though research proves that such chemicals don’t give us any major benefits.

Gaining Muscles Or Only Losing Weight

Gaining Muscles Or Only Losing Weight

One of the aspects which we fail to notice with weight loss goals is that you mainly want to lose fat and not muscles. Losing muscles will reduce weight but will also reduce your strength and compromise your posture and body appearance.

We incorporate strength training for this reason. Strength training doesn’t necessarily involve lifting heavyweights. Using resistance bands and even your own body weight as resistance can help you make the most out of a workout session. You should also know how your body shreds muscles with age without resistance training. This directly increases fat stores in the body.

Fat loss diets and Weight Loss Programs

Fat loss diets and Weight Loss Programs

People often stay under the notion that fat loss diets and weight loss programs will somehow magically make their fat disappear. One thing that you have got to understand here is that a diet that cannot be sustained is as good as having no diet at all.

I myself have followed many diets over these years as a part of experimenting with myself. Initially, I observed that there were diets that made my life hell. Eating would become a punishment for me and maybe it was because the food was tasteless.

Then I stumbled upon diets that made me crave the foods. I could enjoy eating, stay full and healthy, and still lose inches easily. Soon, I uncovered the simple truth: you don’t need a diet to lose weight. What you need is to eat clean food, have variety, follow nutritional guidelines such as having enough vegetables and fruits, balance your macros, and so on.

You can enjoy tasty food as long as you know how to cook. Otherwise, you will just be a moron like one of my friends saying, “Junk food is so tasty, and healthy food can never be that tasty.”

So yes, you need a tasty and clean eating regime that you can follow for days. You eat more or less the same food every day, but when you have 5 meals, you don’t get bored. Moreover, we also substituted food items like tofu or soya chunks instead of chicken every time.

I have made a free Ebook with a diet and workout plan. You can find it here:

Now, this diet is not the most precise one for you because the calories are assumed, but you have to adjust it according to your body’s needs and activity levels and make it accurate, which can be done easily. This can easily be an opportunity to help you get started, if not much.

References Used in this Article

References Used in this Article

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