Fat loss Is Not About Sweating More

Fat loss Is Not About Sweating More

No doubt, the sweat that drips from your body after a laborious workout gives us confidence. However, the majority of people out there, trying to get rid of their belly fat and the overweight problem, often think that more sweat is equal to more fat loss. Is it really the truth?

Killing the fat loss myth

It is important to learn what sweat really is. Unfortunately, it doesn’t equalize the amount of fat loss. Rather, it is just a mechanism to get rid of excess body heat.

When you work out, all the physical activities produce mechanical energy as well as heat. To get rid of this heat, sweat comes out from the pores of your skin to the surface of the skin. Now, this liquid(sweat) helps to absorb the heat from its surroundings, which is the surface of the skin and aids in heat loss by vaporization, hence cooling down your body.

Obviously, you can’t lose weight without sweating but it doesn’t give you the measure of the fat loss. This mainly applies to the general public. Elite boxers are often found to lose weight by sweating themselves too much which is dangerous if done without a professional and you should not try that as it lasts for a short time.

No shortcuts in fat loss

I wish it were that easy to lose the extra pounds by just sitting in a sauna room but that won’t melt your fat. Only proper nutrition and exercise can help you in the long run.

Also, if you are a beginner you might not sweat like a fit guy who is training for years. The cooling system of the body is developed in their case, unlike a beginner. Sweating is just a mechanism that prevents your body from attaining very high temperatures which might hamper other body functions.

Believe in the myth and you might just degrade your workouts by dehydrating and over sweating. The number of calories you lose won’t increase magically. Don’t get trapped by the advertisements of magic sweat belts, in India, they are openly doing fraud by this myth.

Have that patience and focus on form in the gym, be more stubborn than your body and it will change. Keep having water, to replenish the lost liquid.

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