Fitness and study together ? Lifting at the gym goes on forever but for students, academics are important as much as exercise is. Is it possible to take exams for a week or two and still lift and eat properly?

Well, the answer depends on the individual. If you are one who prepares from before as to avoid last-minute pressure then yeah you got the scope of having normal sleep, diet and lift at the gym throughout your exams. As simple as it sounds this is the most efficient way to deal with the exam seasons.

However, a majority of students are forced to devote a lot of time to last-minute preparation. Now, here comes the trouble. So, if you are staying up at night, sleeping maybe 4-5 hours in order to prepare for your examinations you may want to rethink lifting.

Lifting needs you to sleep 7-8 hours for recovery. It is awesome if you are sparing 1 hour for the gym session but that is just a part of the process. You may also manage to have a good diet but without proper sleep, you will end up not recovering and maybe soreness.

Any Alternative ?

There is no alternative to this, if you are training, a good diet and sleep become the most important factors to help benefit your body. So finally, what to do when you know you can’t sleep for 8 hours?

Muscle soreness is probable in case of incomplete recover

Well, the smart move here is to skip the lifting sessions until the exams get over. Sounds like not the best idea? Well, it is better than making your muscles sore and not giving them time to recover. A gap of a week or two will never hamper your progress that has been continuing for months. You can still follow the diet, even if not that strictly, try to stick to clean food.
So yeah as simple as it sounds, takes your examinations seriously and get back on track once you are done.

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