Fitness motivation

Fitness Motivation: How To Stay Motivated In Your Journey

Who doesn’t want a good physique, a healthy body, and a fresh mind? Before we go to fitness motivation, the first step is to decide to start a fit lifestyle. You joined a gym, and made positive changes in your diet. Yet the results aren’t favoring you or catching up to your expectations.

It’s very normal to lose motivation in such a situation. Many even give up out of frustration while others just get tired and convince themselves that it would not work anyway. I have tried to include all the factors that will help you push your motivation to a higher level and will help you in your journey.

1. Have Patience: Know That The Change Will Take Time

If you are a beginner, you will definitely get to see some quick results since your body hadn’t been subjected to the training stimulus. The progress that you will see is called newbie gains. However, it might not be satisfying.

You have got to understand that you cannot achieve your dream physique in a few months. Beginners question a lot about how long it will take to build muscles or lose fat. Well the logical answer is that you will improve with time and in short, it takes years to finally achieve the dream physique. Check here to understand the time needed in a transformation.

Coming to some scientific terms, if your diet and training schedule are up to the mark, you can expect to lose at least 2% of body fat every month. There is no need to be demotivated because it is the same for everyone. The change will take time but it will also last long. Hence, instead of obsessing, just make up your mindset that you are going to stick with it every day.

Fitness motivation Mindset
Fitness motivation Mindset

2. Stop Looking At Yourself Every Week And Get Demotivated

I could have included this in the first point but, this is something you need to remember. You won’t get results overnight and hence looking at yourself every day or every week and then thinking that it isn’t working is the last thing you want to do.

It can really be demotivating to realize that our current physique is far from the one we dream of. Don’t involve emotions here, but use your logic. You cannot build 20 pounds of muscles in a month because it doesn’t work like that. Hence, commit to yourself and say, “Yes, I will reach there” and continue doing it. Be realistic, you will enjoy the reward and there will be no regrets in the end.

nutrition keeps Fitness Motivation high
Nutrition keeps Fitness Motivation high

3. Make Sure Your Nutrition Is On Point

One of the most neglected areas is nutrition. It’s easy to get a gym membership, learn forms of some exercises and then pick up the weights. However, many fail to spot the nutrition problems and they don’t get results even after months of training.

This factor contributes a lot to crushing our motivation. If you are obese, you start working out and stop eating junk, you will get to see results since you haven’t worked out before. However,  with time, as your goals become specific, such as lean muscle building, your nutrition also has to be specific, and guess works won’t work anymore.

For example, if you want to gain muscles, the simplest way is to calculate your calorie requirement, set your goal, take a calorie surplus by around 500 a day. Then design your diet with the proper ratio of micro and macronutrients. If you find this to be hectic, you can simply hire a professional to guide you so that you won’t do anything wrong at least. This will keep your motivation high since you will understand that you are getting results as per your input.

4.Use Exercise As A Therapy

Suppose you are a student and you got to attend 6 hours of class in a day that exhausts you. Now, I ask you to attend the gym just after the classes. Many will frown and say that they are tired and can’t put so much physical effort after such mental exhaustion. However, did you ever think of using exercise as therapy or like a stress reliever?

It does work, putting on that music and hitting the weights, in a way, refreshes you. Most of us want to relax after a day’s work in an office or university and might end up scrolling our Instagram feeds but using exercise will directly freshen you up and will be productive as well. It will work for you as a stress reliever instead of a burden. This really teaches you how exercise gives you far more than a good physique.

fitness motivation
Fitness motivation

5. Focus On The Journey And You Will Love It

Beginners will find it hard to relate to this but if you have been exercising for a while, you know exactly what this journey feels like. You don’t have to do it for women or because it’s trending, but do it because you love the lifestyle.

Eating clean food, working out your body and expanding its limits, getting the most out of your body, every single thing tells you how much of a fuller life you are living than a sedentary guy. In short, you feel the peace inside you and when you are peaceful from within, your surroundings change as well.

After realizing so much, it will be hard to not get the fitness motivation that you need. Have faith in what you are doing, people will say that it won’t work, they will call you foolish but remember,

“If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it.”

6. Follow Progressive Overload And Avoid Plateau

This is again one of the scientific aspects of training which says that muscles adapt to the level of training, and you need to increase the load to see further gains in muscle size and strength. It is very normal to exercise with the same weight week after week. In fact, it is our tendency to not make our workouts uncomfortable.

However, unless you train your muscles higher than they are accustomed to, you will not find many improvements. Some people fail to notice this and after months of training, they get disappointed due to less hypertrophy. Having said that, you should not pick the heaviest weight in the gym but focus on training sensibly. Also, remember that the Principle of Progression is one of the principles and other factors like nutrients also matter.

One more factor that might affect your journey and bring down your fitness motivation is, hitting a plateau. Plateau is defined as a point where the strength and size of muscles become constant with no improvements further. This is due to the resistance that our body builds against a particular kind of training program and diet.

Our neuromuscular system also adapts to the movement patterns of our exercise and hence a plateau is reached. Changing the training plan and modifying the diet can help. For example, if a person is not benefiting from the flat bench press after a certain period of training, he can consider doing an inclined bench press which might result in more benefits in gains and strength.

To continue your journey with high fitness motivation, you would like to avoid plateaus hence by changing training programs you can skip this grave mistake that many people get trapped into.

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