The world is currently healing itself from the attack of Coronavirus and it is now when fitness and Coronavirus has clashed in various forms. Be it from the perspective of general health or the economy of the fitness industry, gyms and health centres, Coronavirus has caused a major setback to everything. The virus has already shown what it can do when neglected. Giving a major blow to countries like USA and Italy, it has proved how fatal it can be if we do not take proper measures to deal with it.

India, taking a lot of lessons from USA and other countries have managed to take the right step on time. After implementing a complete lockdown, social distancing has been used as a tool which has worked well. Even though the numbers of cases are rising rapidly, it is very less compared to USA. Afterall, this is the only way, because India’s population is very high and if the virus is allowed to spread, we will run short of medical professionals and facilities.

Fitness Vs. Coronavirus

It has been almost a month, since the virus is being taken seriously everyhwere. Various stats and survey results have been released about people who have been affected. The percentage of people recovering from the illness is around 80% which shows you got a great chance of recovering even after catching the virus if you are fit.

Centre for Perioperative Care have said that a healthy diet will reduce the risk of getting too ill due to the virus. Exercise is also recommended along with it and quitting bad habits like smoking. The basic steps to use fitness as a weapon against Coronavirus are

  1. Brisk exercise is recommended as you are locked down and physical activeness has deteriorated.
  2. Maintain a healthy diet and avoid alcohol for the time being.
  3. Strengthening and balancing exercises can also be included.
  4. Having a good night’s sleep and maintaining mental health must also be focused on.
  5. Despite exercise, try to take a walk every once in a while to avoid being sedentary for a long time.
  6. Meditate and stay relaxed. This is what might most of us need to have the patience during this quarantined stage.

Hopefully, by following these simple steps we are going to protect ourselves in this hour of danger. Stay safe and protect your loved ones. For more fitness tips and exciting healthy recipes click here.

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