Life Is not meaningless, find your passion. We often come across the word Passion. We know the meaning,  it’s about a great feeling to pursue a particular field or line. However,  how many of us have really felt the passion in real life? 

Whenever I talk to students,  I ask them about their passion, of course, I expect them to follow a study course related to their passion. Unfortunately, not many are clear about their passions. It would not be wrong to say, life is simply drifting for them into aimlessness.

Something, you love to do

Life is meaningless, that is what I hear a lot. Its understandable, when you do not have the motive,  it’s difficult to act. I was in that stage once,  obviously, I used to study and do my job as a student because I needed good grades but when it came to ‘life’ about what job I will do and what courses,  I knew I had to find something  I love.

Have you heard about changing a passion into a profession?  Yeah,  it sounds magical,  getting paid for a job that you love, it is rare. The essence of having a passion cannot be comprehended through words. It is much like being excited about something like we used to get excited about Christmas gifts in childhood. 

Power of Motivation

Finding your reason, your real motivation is a big success in itself. A motivation alone can drive you every day and you will remain curious to learn more and make that progress. 
When I say ‘Motivation’, I don’t mean, a sudden impulse that gives you thrill on one day and the next day you don’t want to follow it. A real motivation is something that you will like to pursue day after day for years. 

Hard work and consistency are going to be the key factors in every generation, no doubt,  but how about loving and pursuing a field that you will not term as “Hard work”?
Some children are gifted with talents, like singers who get recognition at an early age and then there are some kids with specific talents, they are the lucky ones who don’t have to do career selection in the future because they already know it! But, most of us don’t.

Life is unpredictable if we could see the future then what’s the meaning of living it? However,  I believe, it is important to become aware of what you can do and then do it for the world, do something worthy, use your skills for other people. As said by Shakespeare, 

” The meaning of life is to find your gift and, The purpose of life is to give it away.

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