There is a simple yet peculiar relationship between the Past, the Present, and the Future. Life is not simple and it is very easy to lose the balance among past, present, and future. The more we run away from the past, the more it chases us and the more we obsess with the future, the more curious we get. They also say, live in the present situation or you won’t enjoy life, so what do we do? Forget the past and future?

Your Past is You

We love to bring back the good memories from the past, any of those good days when life was a bit different, yet cherishable. However, with the good memories, comes the bad ones too. We don’t love bringing them back but, end up being sad due to them. Is fleeing from it really a way?

The person in your past is you, you were the one who experienced everything and now came up to this present moment. The things that happened maybe, all of them were not in your control and even if they took place against what you would have wanted, you have nothing to beat yourself for it. What you can actually derive from it, is a lesson. A lesson, that will solve many of your problems in the future and that is the only rational use of your past.

Another thing is, stop running away from it, stop trying to push your past away. It was you, and you can’t run away from yourself. Just, stay calm and accept it, you will find a feeling of peace. This way, the past won’t be a haunting element for you but something that was really a part of you. You will be grateful for it, for getting to learn those lessons in life and even if they were bitter, they make you who you are now.

Thinking about the Future

The future, even the word excites me. Personally, I am a sci-fi fan so I love to learn about time-traveling stuff but lets come to real life. We do think about the future a lot, don’t we? Some of the thoughts are actually worries about what might happen tomorrow. Now, people say stay in present, so should we forget the future? Some say, care about your future and prepare for it.

Well, only one word fits in here, that is, balance. If you are tempted to enjoy the present so much that you don’t think about your future, then you are in trouble. And if you, think about the future way too much,that make you have imaginations that cross the limits of fantasy, still you are in trouble. The best thing about the future is that we don’t know it. Why not create it then?

The future is something that you should care about but only to the extent where it benefits you. There is no point daydreaming about something that you think might happen in the future in your life, only to find out later that you could not put in the effort to make it happen. Hence, do think about the future but make sure you are focusing on your present and walking down the right path that will lead you to that exact future and no deviation occurs. Those who don’t think about the future, I would suggest starting thinking about it or you might find yourself walking down a path much like a blindfolded person.

Living in the Present or not?

According to me, the present plays a bigger role than the past and also the future because the future hasn’t come yet. The present is the creator of your future and an improved version of your past. What you are doing today is directly going to affect what you will get tomorrow.

The past does affect the present by telling us what had worked last time we did something and what went wrong. Many people tend to make big plans for the future but hardly do they work in the present to really make it happen. Maybe, because planning is easier than creating. Living in the present also lets you live this wonderful life that you have. Next time, when you walk down the streets or pass a garden, just slow down and observe the things around you, that is the present that you will end up appreciating. However, we simply rush and often overlook all the beautiful things in front of us.

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