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Lose Belly Fat : Why Is It So Stubborn?

Belly Fat,  even the name is so annoying,  basically refers to the fat in your abdominal region. It is characterized as,

” The place where fat accumulates first and leaves at last”.

At the gym,  I see so many “Joe” kind of guys with big arms and doing bicep curls with a big belly below. Or,  forget about them,  even in day to day lives, we, the normal people want to get rid of it desperately,  after all,  its a matter of our appearance.

For reducing your belly, first, let’s understand why you have belly fat in the first place. The answer is very simple. The food you consume is calculated in terms of calories (kilo-calorie in reality). Men usually accumulate fat in the abdominal area and women, in their thighs and hips,  also in the abdominal area. 

So, the main reason is, you are consuming more calories than needed. No,  I am not saying you eat a lot,  but you eat excess calories. Take note that, 100 grams of mustard oil will give you 884 calories, whereas 100 grams of mixed vegetables will give you 65 calories. 

Wow,  so saw the difference?  Similarly,  the junk food we eat consists of high calorific value along with unhealthy calories. Sugar is another enemy of ours and is present in sweet varieties of junk food. 

Do you realize one thing, I have spoken so much only about diet and that’s where lies the secret. Exercise is definitely a part you need to focus but it forms only 20% of the process.  Exercise will help you gain strength when you lift. When you jog and do cardio, those sessions will help you burn calories,  now slowly you will go to a state where you are not providing excess calories to the body. 

However, let me clear it, a good diet coupled with a good exercise schedule will only help you improve. The basic concept is that when you work hard and exercise and also eat healthy food( which does not provide excess calories)  you force your body to use the fat accumulated and hence it starts melting and Whoosh!  Your belly goes in. You might be wondering, what is a good diet?  Should I stay alive on salad? Well, no,  I will jot down some points on it

Eating habits to lose belly fat

Lose belly fat by healthy eating
Lose belly fat by healthy eating

1) You are avoiding outside food,  sugar,  cold drinks, etc. 
2)You are having enough vegetables and fruits in your diet and obviously salad. You can also consume green tea as a replacement drink, its beneficial in fat loss. 
3)You are consuming a good amount of protein.
4) You are eating complex carbohydrates like Oats, brown bread, whole wheat instead of simple carbohydrates like white rice,  white bread, etc. 
5) Instead of eating three meals, you are eating  5 meals, which will be less in quantity and protein present in all of them. This ensures your body is digesting the food properly and metabolism remains boosted. 

Food Items No. of calories
Standard Burger543
Chocolate(100 g)546
Bowl of Salad<300
An Apple52

Role of Exercise

Coming to exercise,  never think that only running on the treadmill is your job because you want to lose fat and not gain muscle. You have to do both,  in fact, if a professional is watching over you he will make you do weight training and also cardio. Last but not least,  you need proper rest if you are exercising and want to have good hormonal balance.
Unfortunately, this process takes time, but the results are long-lasting. There is no constant graph for fast loss,  you might see a huge difference within a week,  might not see any weight loss up to 3-4 weeks, but you should keep on pushing until the program is over. 

Usually,  exercise programs last up-to 2 months (after that it changes) and it is recommended to follow it under the guidance of a fitness professional or health coach who will not only help you in your exercise sessions but also regarding your food habits throughout the day. You can, of course, incorporate the above points by yourself, but a coach always makes things easier, provided he is authentic( not some buffed up guy with no nutrition and exercise knowledge).

In very few cases,  people tend not to lose fat due to some underlying medical conditions or some serious hormonal imbalance. In such cases, your belly fat might not reduce even after dieting and exercising and you will need to consult a doctor, but the probability is less.  

If you want any additional tips or want me to cover some topics then reach me through comments or email.

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