You take medicines, or at least you must be knowing someone in your family with high blood pressure or Cholesterol problem who might be taking medicines for a while. Taking a pill and getting relieved sounds simple, isn’t? But, oh wait, did you track how long have they been taking these medicines?

Medicines should be temporary relief but why some people have to take it continuously? Is it too hard to follow a clean diet and take part in physical activity, maybe hire a trainer? It might seem haphazard at the start but it is not an extra effort, it is a way of life.

Ever wondered what these medicines are doing to the body? Does it even make sense to eat just to fill the belly, abstain from exercise and keep taking these pills by the excuse of high blood pressure?

Prolonged Medicine Intake: A One Way Trip

Just think about where they are taking your health. Your medicines aren’t saviors for you but they are simply taking you towards a one-way path where your body will give up one day and won’t get cured.

A disease or abnormality in the body is mainly because the body has been subjected to something it shouldn’t have been. Now, what’s the solution to this? To give the body what it needs or to postpone the bad symptoms with the help of pills?

Studies have shown that diseases such as type 2 diabetes cannot be cured and the person cannot recover. However, it has been scientifically proven that through weight loss, the disease can be reversed.

Another major disease that has impacted more than 25% of adults and 90% of obese people is nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. A clear connection can be found between diseases and obesity or the overweight factor. The diagnosis of NAFLD is mainly done by weight loss through proper exercise and diet.

However, not many people look in a bright way or even think about restoring to a healthy lifestyle. Taking pills continuously cannot be the answer to leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

You should make the investments in a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention instead of using them on medicines that will harm in the long run. Obviously, in some diseases there is no other way than taking medicines continuously. However, here emphasis has been laid on the majority of people who have an option of leading a healthy lifestyle but tend to stick to their pills and a bad lifestyle

“Food is your real medicine and kitchen is your hospital”

The above line is indeed a deep statement that can prevent one from keeping the perspective of taking regular medicine as if it is a cure. It is on us now how do we want to deal with it.

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