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We are stuck in our homes for a long time and all our work out regimes have been immensely affected due to the Corona Virus Lockdown. The World Health Organisation in it’s recent press release have said that the virus is here to stay But life must go on. We should never let the boredom and ennui of lockdown take a toll on our physical and mental health.

The life post the COVID-19 outbreak, or the new normal as we call it possesses it’s own set of challenges and hurdles. But amidst the hurdles lies the opportunities to innovate and adapt. Humans have always shown unbelievable courage amidst the crisis in the past and it is this indomitable spirit which has kept the human race alive and will always will.

Gyms for the New Normal: The Innovative Design

One such instance of ‘Adapt to the New Normal’ has been found in California where Mr. Peet Sapsin, Owner of Inspire South Bay Fitness has implemented a new set of individual plastic pods to help his customers work-out while maintaining social distancing. His innovative approach has attracted a lot of praises from gym members and netizens alike. One such satisfied member of the gym said-

“Individual workout pods set up with everything you need for the class. Sanitizer for you and the equipment. Only thing missing from the pre-covid was the hi-fives.

On arrival, members of the gym are asked to use hand santizers and are tested with temperature guns. Then they are led to one of the nine pods which are open only on the rear side and on the top. These pods are about 6 feet wide and 10 feet tall and are made out of PVC pipes and shower curtains. Shower curtains and PVC pipes are most cost-effective alternative to plexiglass. They contain almost everything which a dedicated gym member needs- from dumbbells to treadmills.

These specially deigned work-out pods is sure to enable the gym members take a group class in the gym while working out maskless in the individual chambers. However, this facility only offers classes and personal training. Open gym facility is still not allowed at the Inspire South Bay Fitness centre.

The gym owner has also shared his story behind the work out pods. As the lockdown was starting to ease in the United States, he was eager to open his fitness centre for the public. However, his clients informed him that they found it harder to breathe and exercise with masks. So, naturally Mr. Sapsin, had to look for other solutions. And from here comes his initiative of specially designed individual workout pods. He cut class sizes from twenty-four to nine and presented this gym adaptation to his dedicated clients. Now, this Californian man proudly declares-

“Our clients are loving it”

– Mr. Peet Sapsin

Gyms for the New Normal: Way Ahead

Innovations like the Sapsin Model at the Inspire South Bay Fitness in California are the need of the hour. We as a fitness community need to find out newer ways to let the gyms operate and scale our personal levels of training so that we can keep ourselves and world ready for the days to come. The outbreak of the Novel virus is devastating and this reality will continue to make us lethargic and hopeless until and unless we step out to act. We may not be able to alter our reality but we may change our attitude towards it, and this paradoxically alters reality. Let’s prepare for the better.

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