Who doesn’t want someone to listen to them genuinely when they tell their problems. Even if they cannot solve it, just listening to us can make us feel so light. Maybe, that is the reason why we often contact the closest friends when we get sad or something terrible happens. Now, the question is, should we actually share our pain and problems with others?

Know That Very Few Are Interested In Your Problem

It is human tendency to care for ourselves first. We are interested in what we want and the harsh truth is not many people are genuinely interested in listening about your pain.This includes your friends as well. This is the reason, why some people never believe in sharing their problems with anyone and prefer to put a smile on their faces.

Now, thing is, sharing does help you to feel easy and comfortable and if did it with the right person you would not regret it. The problem comes in identifying the right people especially if you are a teenager. Many of the teens out there are not so comfortable with sharing everything with their parents and hence they rely on friends, among whom, not all are genuinely interested in listening to their misery.

What happens when we choose the wrong person?

It is very common to choose someone to share your problems who is not interested. Not out fault at all, after all, we just need someone to listen to us to ease that pain. Choosing the wrong person will simply show us that, that person isn’t really interested and maybe just pretending. You might argue that you have a bestie or partner to help you out but the majority out there still agrees to the above statement.

Teens just face the ugly truth that not everyone cares and that they have to find a way to deal with their own problems. Obviously, adults will have a better understanding of this and won’t make grave mistakes like teens.

Find a balance, don’t close the door.

The last option we often find is to shut everyone out and bear the pain and deal with it anyway. Doing this means, your are closing down and the chance of feeling better by sharing is diminished because we get determined to not share. On the other hand, you cannot even go on and tell anyone you find about your problems. So how to find a balance?

Well, it’s time to get a bit smarter and reach out to the people who really care for you. It can be anyone, depending on who you are. It may be an elder in your family, a cousin, a childhood friend or someone around you. It’s hard to find someone who is genuinely interested in listening without having their own selfish motives. It is hard but not impossible. And what is the reward? You find someone to rely on, to listen to you when you are at your worst and when the time comes you have to be there for them to provide support. Isn’t it how life should work?

Such situations expose fake people

Instead of just nagging about all of it, let’s change the perspective. Situations where we need someone’s support and help also provide an opportunity to see who is really on our side and who is not. Fake masks fall, people who are around you for their own advantage will be the first ones to leave. Maybe, most will leave because people are rarely genuine. However, it depends on you, for example, I have always preferred to keep less but genuine people around me. So, you have to be aware of it, about the people in your surroundings.

Never reciprocate them who didn’t care for you

Just like you are in a problem today, you will find someone in a similar stage of life. If you try to look closely, you will find them because everyone has problems in life. It’s understandable if you say, “It’s their problem, not mine so let them deal”. But, can we try to be different?

Let’s not reciprocate those people who had disappointed us. That’s what makes us different, isn’t? Well, we cannot interfere and act as a savior when others are in a pain but we can at least have a conversation to help them? Don’t ask me what you will gain by this, it’s not about gaining, its about helping someone in their time of need. They will remember you and even if they don’t, your concern won’t go as a waste. Being kind is a big quality, not everyone posses it, therefore, not everyone can understand its significance.

Why our problems seem the biggest to us?

Most of us think, that our problems are the biggest and that others have a happy life. Such people need to get over this illusion and come to the real world. You have to be positive and grateful for this life. Your everyday life problems are nothing compared to them who don’t have a roof above their head and can’t afford two meals a day.

Have a positive outlook, apart from everyday life problems, we do face certain stages in life which are harsh but even they come with a certain purpose and lesson in life.

Problems are inexorable events of life

Life is full of ups and downs. Just wonder if there were no downs, would u appreciate the ups? Maybe not that much. Problems are a part of your life and that is undeniable. We don’t need to run away from it, just stay strong, understand that after it passes, you will be stronger. The trick is to never lose faith and never give up hope.

If you try to do something new in life, you will find more problems. Once you decide you can do it, you actually can and if you think you can’t, then sorry but no one can convince you.

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