One of the gifts of nature to the young people is the warm blood that we have within. The will to do anything and as soon as possible. Such an instinct when combined with negative feelings often inspires us to take revenge. Revenge can simply be described as a feeling of giving someone the same taste of harshness or something bad that they might have given us or someone else.

In the mood of anger, logic doesn’t work so well and it seems fully justified to take revenge and equalize the game. However, there are some basic principles that you might want to consider before getting into that rage and trying to take revenge. These concepts are universal and they don’t change based on your feelings so you have to be very rational and have an open mind before you even read them.

A Dog Bites You, Would You Bite The Dog?

This might seem to be an obvious question but read it again. Someone does something bad with us and we are tempted to do the exact same thing with them. After all, why not? If they were capable of doing that, we are 10 times more capable than them, right? Well, just remember that the moment you decide to execute the same move which someone else has done which made you considered them bad, you are bad too. In simple words,

If you think that person is bad because they did wrong to you and now you want to do wrong to them, then how are you any different?

Try to answer that question, the next time you think that you should take revenge on someone.

cowards take revenge

It’s The Coward’s Choice to Take Revenge

Surprisingly, some people already know the logical statements stated above and yet they decide that they are too weak to accept harsh situations so the best they can do to bring themselves satisfaction is by taking revenge. Such people are truly cowards and moreover, they are hypocrites. If you do something and you hate someone for doing the exact thing, you are no different and logically you must hate yourself.

However, the good thing is that most people are not cowards and they just need to get the guidance when life becomes hard. People are already smart enough to see that hatred and revenge take too much energy and deprives us of peace, they just need a reminder.

Your Actions Aren’t Justified By Some Else’s Actions

Again, diving deep into the roots, you should be aware that you are solely responsible for your actions. No one is going to take the blame for what you have done. It’s your life and your decisions. You can see it more like an equation that has your actions on one side and what you get, on the other side. Your bad karma is not justified by someone else’s actions. You cannot say,

“I did this because she had done so and so”. It’s not only stupid but childish to give such an excuse.

A smarter person here will accept what others have done and will not let that affect his own karma. There must come a sense of responsibility and you would not stick to the philosophy of,

“A blow for a blow”.

Understand The Transfer of Energy

This is again quite relevant to the ‘equation concept’ discussed above. You can see your actions as a form of energy. When you do something well you release some positive energy into the universe and when you do something bad, you release some negative energy. This exact energy now comes back to you and hence you can compare it to a phrase,

“As you sow, so shall you reap”.

When you are about to take revenge, for a moment come down to the basics and remember this concept to ensure what kind of energy are you going to release, for, this exact energy will be returning to you sooner or later.

rational thinking

Being Mentally Strong and Thinking Rationally

As we discussed, not taking revenge is ideal, however, I don’t want you to put up with the impression that enduring torture is good. If you have faced something you consider unfair or maybe someone who you trusted disappointed you, you got to think rationally. You must take a lesson and make sure you think twice about trusting a similar kind of person.

This kind of rational thinking shows you are strong from within and will result in a productive outcome. It reflects your mental strength and shows that you are not weak. Again, this might be easier said than done but you must have faced such situations and most people would have had an outburst of negative feelings and hatred, that’s human nature. If you had faced something similar recently, then now you know how to deal with it. At least, you can devote some time to think about it all and decide how far are these concepts valid.

love yourself

Loving Yourself or Hating Someone Else?

When you are really hurt due to someone’s actions and the madness is racing in your mind, have you ever noticed about what you are actually focusing on? You are not focusing on yourself or about loving yourself. Instead, you are thinking about the other person and as long as you continue to hold the grudge against them, they are going to stay in your mind no matter how much you want them to leave. This alone can keep the flame of revenge alive and just degrade your self-worth.

Once you decide to accept things, you can focus on yourself and that’s what you need to do, think about yourself, love yourself. That is going to help you improve not only in this situation but also in life. Just say to yourself,

Not everything is worthy of my focus and attention, but I am.

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