Total Gym Vs Rowing Machine_ Science Behind The 2

Total Gym Vs Rowing Machine: Science Behind The 2

Total Gym Vs Rowing Machine: People often ask me about the difference between doing total gym workouts and rowing machine workouts only. It’s easy to say that a total gym workout will be helpful but I prefer educating my clients as well and explaining to them why things are how they are.

So, what do we mean by the total gym? People use it to refer to different kinds of training, such as resistance training, cardiovascular training, etc. Since the rowing machine works on both aspects, too, people ask if they can only stick to the rowing machine.

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Total Gym Vs. Rowing Machine: Why Total Gym?

Why Total Gym?

Simply put, if someone is referring to the total gym, then he or she is referring to different kinds of machines required for resistance and cardiovascular training. Instead of just going by a random term like total gym, we can dedicate ourselves to what are the components involved.

The five health components everyone needs to work on are as follows:

  • Muscular Strength: the ability of your muscles to produce force
  • Muscular endurance: the ability of your muscles to work repeatedly without getting fatigued
  • Cardiovascular: the ability of your heart and lungs to pump blood properly as to sustain optimum cardiovascular function
  • Body composition: the composition of your body that consists of lean mass and fat-free
  • Flexibility: the combined ability of your joints and muscles to move a Limb thrift full range of motion.

You need the so-called total gym workout to focus on all these components. Let’s discuss why using only a rolling machine cannot work on all these components of our health.

Why Rowing Machine Can Only Be a Part of Your Schedule?

As mentioned earlier, the rowing machine is a great choice to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and endurance because major muscle groups of your body, such as the gluteus, hamstrings, shoulder, and quadriceps, are involved.

However, a rowing machine in no way replaces all the compound movements that you can do in the gym, such as deadlifts, squats, and bench presses. Let’s also not forget about the isolation movements required to train muscle groups like the biceps and abdominal.

Why Can’t Rowing Machine Train All Muscle Groups?

In order to perform optimum strength training exercises, we need to target all the major muscle groups in our body and perform some compound movements as well as isolation movements. This includes training the major muscle groups with external resistance and following the principle of progressive overload.

In this case, you focus on improving your muscular strength and endurance. There is no way to expect the same benefits by using the rowing machine. The rowing machine can only be used as a part of your workout schedule and even as a regular warm-up exercise.

To understand this simply, we can use an analogy. If you want to specialize in physics, you would study a major in physics and not biomechanics because even though biomechanics includes physics, it’s not the same as pursuing a major in physics.

Why Is a Rowing Machine Not the Best Option for Cardiovascular Fitness?

Why cant a rowing machine be best for cardiovascular Fitness_

The rowing machine is known to provide a good amount of cardiovascular fitness. However, compared to other cardio machines, such as a treadmill or elliptical trainer, a comparison cannot be made. This is because a machine like an elliptical trainer does not use specific muscle groups like a rowing machine but uses the full body, and you can increase the resistance against your movement.

For optimal cardiovascular training, it will be recommended to use various exercise types and machines instead of just the rowing machine.

Bottom line: Total Gym Vs Rowing Machine

The simple rule about Fitness is that it’s much more than muscle gain and fat loss.
You need to consider various parameters, such as flexibility, mobility, stability, balance, and so on. It will be recommended to work with a coach in case you have a definite goal and don’t know how to plan to achieve it exactly.

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