It has been some time since we went to our jobs, schools, colleges and offices. Now, everyone is asking, “What To Do In lockdown”. By being quarantined you are playing your role in this effort to defeat the COVID-19 spread. However, what are you doing to yourself? We sure have lots of time now and that might even permit us to indulge in our hobbies and free time activities but here is what you need to take something in account.

Stop Doing These Things

A number of activities are listed below to remind you what you are doing has to be stopped or at least be done in the limit.

Stop Binge-Watching

Stop Binge-Watching

It’s not hard to predict that so many of you must have already finished some series by binge-watching in this lockdown. After all, we gotta stay at home so what’s the harm? The harm is the damage caused to your mental and physical health. Sitting in one posture for hours is going to make you pay. It will cause stretch weakness in certain parts like the neck. Further, it will cause metabolic disorders if you are sitting in one position for hours.

Don’t forget the mental exhaustion aspect. You are binge-watching, you are still but you are focused. You are enjoying but you are giving your energy. A show that is supposed to be watched over weeks, is being watched in a day or two. It will only affect you negatively which can result in tiredness and nothing but regret. However, many of you might not realize this until you read this post.
Just try to bring some balance, watch shows but not more than two episodes in a day, that way you can also retain your interest in the show for longer periods of time.

Stop Continuous Fap With Porn

Stop Continuous Fap With Porn

We cannot deny, how much of us have been indulging in this. Why? Because we got nothing to do! Its high time that we realize the physical harms of too much fap and do I even need to list the disadvantage of porn? For the eye-opening damage caused by porn, listen to this Hindi podcast here.

It will exhaust you mentally and physically as well and will only deteriorate you if not worse. In normal lives, porn is still damaging but the frequency of our watching it is less. However, more free time lets us watch it more, and hence the damage caused by it increases highly. To save yourself from this, you need to focus on something productive that will be covered in this article.

Stop Getting Sucked by Bad Eating Habits

So many people are consuming alcohol by buying it at higher prices. They are consuming whatever they want because their choices of healthy food options are limited. You are already smart enough to see the consequences. Don’t let the quarantine be an excuse and take control. Take control of what you put inside your body and be smart in your choices.

Don’t Be Desperate, Have Patience

Some people are doing the above-listed things because they are desperate. They are desperate to work but are confined. They are just using the energy within themselves for jobs that will not benefit them. You need to realize that this is temporary and you can do nothing about it. Plan your work according to that. Do things, that will make you productive, something you always wanted to do but due to the everyday hustle, you kept on delaying it.

Having patience will clear up your head. It will show you that something is better than nothing. You are restricted from going out, not in using your mental and physical potential that helps you to develop.

Work On A Skill And Weaknesses

Work On A Skill And Weaknesses

Now that we know what to avoid, the question comes, What to do in lockdown? Try to learn a skill related to your field of interest. Take online courses if needed, do regular practice of that skill. You got weeks anyway, so what’s stopping you? Learning a skill at this time is one of the most productive stuff you can choose to do. Stop laying all day and work, not because you have to but because you love to.

Think of it as a duty, a resolution that you have taken. No matter, when the lockdown will open, you will keep on mastering this still. Trust me, this alone can improve you so much and you might look back and thank yourself for not wasting all the time you had. Working on the weaknesses is like taking advantage of this global crisis so do give it a  consideration.

Physical Workout

Physical Workout: Attention Needed!

Just try to feel, how much of your physical activity has got reduced since you went into quarantine. The human body is made to move and that is what exactly is being restricted here. Sounds like a blessing? Nah, it’s actually a curse. Those who don’t exercise will not be bothered, I am sure, but at least don’t deprive your body of the potential it is built for.

Do home workouts. If you haven’t exercised before because of your so-called ‘shortage of time’, you can give exercise a try or try to find some other excuse. This is almost like the universe is giving you a chance to try exercising along with that music on that will directly boost your mental and physical health. Those who are already into fitness don’t need any suggestions. They are already used to kill excuses and work their asses off. For more information regarding your health and fitness during this lock down visit here.

What 99% Are Actually Doing

What 99% Are Actually Doing

Let’s come to real facts now. What everyone is actually doing. Aren’t they saying, “We will do this once the lockdown is over”? Stop wasting time but, oh I don’t need to repeat that if you really understood the above-mentioned points.

Now it’s up to you if you still want to be in that 99% club or make use of your precious time.

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