It has been months in this lockdown and we can see how it pushed us towards a fat version of ourselves. Many of us are feeling so energy-less and quite a few of us have actually stepped out of the comfort zone to participate in exercise. Some of you must have been sticking to homemade food for which you deserve praise but it won’t have much significant impact on your health until your physical activity levels are moderate. Below, we will go through some of the issues you might want to consider in your daily life in this time period and it would only contribute to your improvement.

Physical Inactivity

Physical Inactivity: I Got Fat in Lockdown

Physical inactivity will be the major cause of all the problems you might be facing right now related to your health. It doesn’t matter what was your fitness level before the lockdown, right now everyone’s life has become quite stagnant and most of us aren’t involving in the basic physical activities needed which is directly contributing towards making us fat. It slows down our metabolism and some of you might also be having issues related to digestion.

When you don’t involve in normal physical activities like you used to do before the COVID-19 pandemic was on the rise, you are not burning enough calories. You used to go to your regular job or school or university and work there, yes, you might be working even now but that is not at the level of your formal lifestyle work. Being confined at home can easily cause this and it makes you lazier and lazier. Since your diet has probably been the same, you are still consuming the same number of calories as before but not expending them. The simple outcome will be: You gaining fat.

It might require some effort but you can fight this process. The best way is to reduce your calorie intake that I will discuss later in this article and simply involve exercise in your schedule. The last excuse that you can have right now is, “I don’t have time.” Hence, working out for 40-60 minutes a day will elevate your physical activity levels and you will feel refreshed. You will not gain fat and yet will be able to eat normally.

Diet Changes

Diet Changes to Avoid Being Fat in Lockdown

There need not be any magical dietary changes in this lockdown but you can simply reduce your total calorie intake. First, find out your total daily energy expenditure, and based on that reduce the number of actual calories you are going to eat based on how less your physical activity is. Diet is going to be 90% in deciding how you will look after this lockdown.

Some tips that can be followed in making dietary changes are:
  • Eat more vegetables, fruits, and add salad in your diet.
  • Eat whole grains, nuts, and seeds.
  • Stay away from processed and packaged food like chocolate and other junk food.
  • Control your appetite and eat according to your physical activity to maintain that balance.
Laziness Making You Fat In Lockdown

Laziness Making You Fat In Lockdown?

I have been there and I can relate. We are far lazier than we were before. You might not feel like doing anything or maybe you are getting your work done and feeling like that’s enough for today. With such laziness, it is easy to become fat but too tough to work out.

It’s alright if you can’t work out every day but start it anyway. Exercise for at least four days a week and put on your favorite playlist to give you that boost in energy. Eating shouldn’t be the hard part if you have been taking care of your body before and know how to survive the temptation of junk food.

Sleeping Well

Make Sure You Are Sleeping Well

Our sleep cycles are disturbed, some are sleeping for five hours and some for four. One may argue that the sleep cycle doesn’t matter as long as the duration is good. The problem here is that we can’t ignore the quality of sleep and only take into account the quantity. The quality sleep you get by sleeping early has a different essence compared to waking at two in the afternoon. This can be practically tested.

Now how can this make us fat? Well waking till five in the morning comes with unwanted cravings that put you at risk of consuming more than your daily required calories. If you don’t eat anything, you might also get into starvation mode where your body will start conserving energy and store fat which we don’t need.

Lifestyle Change

Lifestyle Change

The simplest way to increase calorie expenditure is to lead a more active lifestyle. Some tips are listed below in points:
  • Don’t stay laid all day long
  • Walk inside your house while doing other things like gaming on mobile or reading a book.
  • Take a walk every 15-20 minutes when you are sitting idle.
  • Try to keep yourself working towards something productive to allow you to get exhausted every day as life was before the lockdown.

Tell yourself that you are in control of your physical and mental health and don’t just leave everything on time and situation. For more guidance related to health and mental wellness subscribe below or click here.

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